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How to Help MANAGE your Dizziness and Vertigo!


If you are experiencing dizziness, you just want relief! You want to put an end to the room spinning and feelings of nausea. If you are like most people we meet, you’d do just about anything to find a remedy. Ideally, though, you’d like to do it WITHOUT spending money on expensive tests or spending time at multiple doctor appointments without finding a solution.

If you’re suffering with dizziness or balance issues, it may be associated with vertigo. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that it will settle down and magically disappear on its own. You may find yourself thinking, “I can get through this,” or “Tomorrow will be better”. Worse yet, you may be thinking that this is something that you just have to live with.

You can’t seem to find a reason why this spinning, dizziness, or nausea is happening. You only know that it IT IS REAL and it is not going away. If this sounds familiar, know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We hear about these problems all the time! In fact, we see and help people with dizziness/vertigo all the time at our Carlisle, Harrisburg, and Mechanicsburg clinics.

When it comes to dealing with the issue of dizziness/vertigo, everyone wants to know:

"Why is This Happening to me?"


Why am I still dizzy after having this for so long?”

Or maybe even

“What is Vertigo?”

Many people are not sure of what they are suffering with and why. All they know is that moving their head or changing positions causes them to feel dizzy and nauseous. It can affect virtually every aspect of your life; even simple tasks become complicated.

Does this sound familiar?

You bend over to put on your slippers in the morning and when you sit back up, you are hit with a whoosh of dizziness that causes you to fall back onto your bed. The room is spinning, and you feel like you might vomit if you even move a muscle. After a few moments, everything settles. You slowly sit up on the edge of your bed, and the dizziness returns. It eventually passes, but every transition results in varying degrees of dizziness, and you spend your day walking on eggshells, awaiting the next “Big event”.

Why does Vertigo happen and/or last so long?

It is easy to see how people can get overwhelmed and confused with all the information that is out there about dizziness. A Google search on vertigo will yield you thousands of results with a variety of instructions on the “Best way” to deal with room spinning, nausea and dizziness. While the information makes it clear that this is a problem that a number of people suffer from, it remains unclear as to how to deal with YOUR dizziness problem. Frustration can build when you just don’t know WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

After a few days of pining for relief, you end up at your Primary Care Physician. They run through some tests to rule out “Bigger issues”. Thankfully, they tell you that your brain looks good! They write you a prescription for some medication and tell you to follow up with them in a few weeks if you are still feeling dizzy. A FEW WEEKS!? You try it, and a few miserable weeks later, you are back at the doctor’s office feeling equally miserable and doubly frustrated. The doctor is truly empathetic, and a little frustrated that the medication didn’t work. She mentions that she met a Physical Therapist recently who treated clients with vertigo, so she sends you for a Physical Therapy consultation.

Did you know that most people can just come in for Physical Therapy when their vertigo first flares up?

Doctors often send patients with vertigo to Physical Therapy because clients simply don’t know where to go first! Many dizziness cases that come on suddenly are the result of “Mechanical” issues in the vestibular system (something is a little off and can be fixed). Physical Therapists are experts in fixing mechanical issues. Going directly to your Physical Therapist can help save time and speed up your recovery.

Here at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy, we regularly treat people suffering from vestibular disorders resulting in vertigo symptoms! By running through repositioning techniques, vision exercises, & balance and gait drills, we get to the root of the issue and help people GET BACK ON THEIR FEET! *We will perform a vestibular evaluation to identify if you are a candidate for mechanical treatment (that often provides rapid relief). Doing this first is a great way to rule out mechanical problems before sending you for expensive testing or taking complicated medication. Our findings are often extremely helpful if we need to refer you on to a different medical provider for additional tests.*

What Can I Do to Get rid of Vertigo quickly?

  • Make the right choice about getting help! Don’t wait. While you may feel overwhelmed, waiting to get help can complicate your condition. Find a Physical Therapist you can trust and get started on finding a solution.
  • Be Informed Vertigo can be complicated. You don’t need to be a neurologist to be informed. Just know that most times, dizziness can be treated effectively! One of the most common types of Vertigo is BPPV. (Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo.) This occurs when small crystals in the inner ear become dislodged and cause vertigo (which actually means the feeling like you or the objects around you are moving when they are not) with certain movements such as getting out of bed or looking up. Did you know this can be treated with a series of repositioning techniques at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy and that it can be resolved in just a couple of visits with us?! While there are many potential causes of vertigo, ruling out BPPV is an important step in figuring out your best course of treatment. We can identify this at your initial assessment.
  • Don’t do this Don’t “Live with it”. It’s helpful to avoid motions that are causing Vertigo symptoms such as: rolling in bed, looking up, or bending forward. This will help minimize your symptoms but please note that this is just a SHORT-TERM PLAN! – After receiving treatment from Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy we will get you back to doing all the things vertigo has stolen your ability to do.
  • Get Hands-on Physical Therapy treatment Physical Therapy has been proven to help people with Vestibular System Disorders (Vertigo). As a matter of fact, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy is one of the few Physical Therapy Clinics that offer help for Vertigo and the patients it haunts. If your Vertigo is keeping you from being active or gets in the way of you spending time with your family and loved ones – Physical Therapy can help you get back to doing what you need, want and love to do quickly!

If you would like to know how we here at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy (we have locations in Carlisle, Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg) can help you live with less dizziness and feel more balanced – sign up now for our One on One FREE SCREEN session! It’s completely risk-free, with NO OBLIGATION.

Our One-on-One Free Screen is something that is offered to people who are skeptical or uncertain about Physical Therapy. If that sounds like you, come on in for your Free Screen with one of our expert Physical Therapists to find out what's wrong and what can be done… without any risk or cost on your part!

Here are just a couple of things that we can do for you:

  • We can work on your balance.
  • We can work to figure out what’s really going on and what might be causing you to have symptoms.
  • We can help get rid of the sluggishness and lack of energy that often comes along with not really knowing what’s wrong or when you can firmly stand on your own 2 feet again.
  • We can keep you from relying on drugs that may cause even worse side effects than what they are treating in the first place.
  • We can keep you from having to take multiple trips to a bunch of clinics while dealing with the fact that it feels like the whole world is spinning around you.
  • We can get you back to doing the things you need, want and love to do with your friends and family (that you hadn’t been able to do because moving sent you into a tailspin of motion sickness).
  • We can help you finally rest, worry-free and peacefully, knowing that someone knows exactly what to do when the symptoms flare up again.

Basically, we can get you back to living your life to the fullest without the fear of vertigo symptoms robbing you of days on end because you can’t even sit up, let alone play with your children or grandchildren.

Or, Maybe You're Just Looking for Some Free Tips You Can Start Using Right Away?

Vertigo Guide

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Please enjoy watching stories of other people just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Cardin & Miller - and left much healthier and happier:


Gary M.

Age 56, Carlisle

"Steve was a very compassion filled and caring healthcare provider. The relationship aspect between the provider and patient was just outstanding. Something that you don't always see in the healthcare world today, and they were just a phenomenal group of people."


Dave H.

Age 39, Carlisle

"After 12 weeks, I was back to living completely pain-free, playing with my kids, carrying an extra bag of groceries for my wife, and doing all the things I should do in my mid thirties. At this point, it was one of the best decisions I ever made"


Kathleen B.

Age 51, Carlisle

"I've nothing but positive things to say about Cardin and Miller. I have no pain in this shoulder whatsoever and I have full range of motion. And that was one of the most important things for me - was to know that I could then again always have use of this shoulder and strengthen this shoulder."

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