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Did you know YOU CAN SELF-REFER to Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy

This means that when you have pain that is keeping you from doing what you Need, Want and Love to do, 

You Can:

1) Call us first before calling your Dr or going to urgent care.  You can come to see us without a referral / script from the Doctor.  We will get you in to see us quickly and get started on fixing the true cause of the issues you are having instead of just treating the symptoms with pills, shots or surgery.

** Most insurances allow this

*** If You Have Medicare, we can schedule you for a Free Screen which is where you would meet with one of our expert Physical Therapists who will listen to the issue you are having and tell you the next best step, without the need for a referral/script for your doctor.  However, before we begin official treatment with you, you will need a script/referral from your Doctor - which we can help you secure.

Save Money $$ -   When you self refer to Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, you save money by getting started on the cause of the problem you are having right away versus spending money on co-pay, co-insurance, and deductibles as well as testing that may not be needed when going to see one or more Dr’s or specialists to “find out” what is going on.

Save Time -  This is a big one…Often you must wait weeks or months to get in to see your Dr or a specialist and once you do see them it’s likely that they will prescribe rest, pills, or shots which will only provide temporary relief since they are treating the symptoms of the problem, not the cause.  If you call Cardin and Miller first, you can likely get in to see us within 1-3 days — much better than waiting weeks or months.

Get Results Now! — Research shows that if you begin treating the cause of the problem you are having, with Physical Therapy, within the first 2 - 3 weeks that you will recover SO much quicker and more completely.

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