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Shawn has been helping me for one month.

He has shown me stretches and exercises to do that have really helped me. I can now sit down in a lower chair by bending my knee, and I could not do that before.

The things he has taught me will help me to be comfortable in all my daily activities without pain. This is a very big improvement and will help make my life more enjoyable.

Sandra G.

Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy is an excellent choice for effective rehabilitation. The staff is competent and compassionate, a good combination in any health care setting.

To have the use of my dominant hand is a wonderful thing. The rehabilitation process was challenging, but Kristin always stopped the stretches before I reached the breaking point. Good PTs don’t make you cry or scream. Kristin DeHart is a wonderful Physical Therapist.

Daryl was also careful not to push me past my breaking point. Neither Kristin nor Daryl wanted to inflict any more pain than was necessary for progress. We absolutely progressed! I can use my hand again. I’m so grateful.

Sincere thanks to everyone at Cardin & Miller

Laura H.

At the beginning of this school year, I was in a rough spot. With the stress of senior year and college choices, the last thing I needed was the stress of an injury.

I was originally upset with the idea of going to physical therapy for my back problems because of bad experiences at other places. At my first appointment, though, I felt very taken care of and excited to start treatment.

I found myself enjoying coming to physical therapy because of the atmosphere of Cardin & Miller and the positive energy of my therapist, Alex.

I told my dad, “I wish I didn’t have to get better because I kinda like going there every week” – and I am a little sad that I am leaving, but very happy because I feel a bajillion times better!

Grace W.

My story started in 2015 when I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot and then the right foot.

After receiving treatment from several doctors and physical therapy providers. I was no better, in fact much worse.

I finally found a doctor and he did several tests and found that I also had developed tarsal tunnel syndrome.

I had two options surgery or physical therapy.

I chose therapy and after 6 weeks I am able to work and resume my regular activities.

I would highly recommend Cardin and Miller, very professional and highly skilled.

Kathleen S.

When I walked in to Cardin & Miller, my Achilles had been hurt for almost a year. I hadn’t ran in over 9 months ad it hurt to even do daily things like walking up and down stairs. Daily tasks were miserable because I was constantly in pain.

After starting therapy here, I knew it was going to be a long process. There were tough patches where I didn’t think anything in the world would heal me.

But, Cardin & Miller kept me going because they trusted the process.

All I needed to do was trust them and keep doing the exercises.

Progress was slow, but honestly, any progress was a surprise from how I started.

I kept at their program and saw improvement that I thought was impossible.

Within a few months, I went from unable to even walk correctly to back to running at my usual pace.

Thankfully, Cardin & Miller kept up hope so that I could trust them to lead me to an outcome that was a long, long way off in the beginning.

Luke H

For the past 8 or 9 years I have been receiving treatment from Steve Miller for the following problems: plantar fasciitis, lower back, groin, and neck.

Steve has had the expertise and experience to make the treatments successful. I highly recommend Steve and the staff at Cardin and Miller for your physical therapy needs.

Harry M.

My experience at Cardin & Miller was great!

Super staff, great environment, posititvity and fun place to visit.

I felt heard and was encouraged in the process of renewed health.

Thank you for taking care of me.

Kelly C.

When I started with therapy, I was unable to do my chores, etc. for more than 15 – 20 minutes without pain.

Now that I have done through treament and planned exercises, I am able to do most of my daily tasks for 3-4 hours at a time with little pain before I need to rest a few minutes and continue.

Alex has been wonderfully kind, patient and worded with me to accomplish this. I hight recommend Carding & Miller!

Katherine K.

As a local practicing physician, I have become very accustomed to hearing success stories from my patients whom I have referred to Cardin & Miller.

I am very happy to write my own success story now that I myself have completed P.T. as one of Steve Miller’s patients.

He is one of the most skilled clinicians I’ve ever encountered professionally. He was able to pinpoint my acute injuries and identify chronic injuries and habits which lead to injury.

This is Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy — they seek to identify and correct CAUSES of injury, not just treat acute events.

I could not be more pleased with my results!

I will continue to recommend Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy. They have my highest possible recommendation.

Dr. Scott S.

I arrived at Cardin & Miller with extensive – and I meanreally, really, horrible – pain and swelling in my right foot, arch and ankle.

I had nearly given up walking any distance, going up or down more than 2 steps at a time or even standing still on my kitchen floor.

I was discouraged, depressed and ready to give up. The folks at Cardin & Miller would not hear of it!

My therapist, Shannon Kostelac, really listened to me. She asked all the right questions until she figured out what I needed.

Steve Miller gave his personal attention. Everyone at Cardin & Miller treated me with respect and professionalism. They are competent, expert and skillful.

I feel 20 years younger and so much happier!

I’m so glad I found them!

Bless you and Thank you to all!

Andrea F.

When I hurt my back so bad I could literally hardly move, I thought for sure I was going to need back surgery.

But after working with you for a few weeks I am feeling good again.

You even motivated me to start going to the gym again.

Your knowledge and professionalism was great, but the best part about it was the atmosphere. You and Darryl kept everything light hearted and fun, which made it much easier for me to come in there every time.

Thanks again for everything.

Scott S.

I was hurting pretty bad before I came to Cardin & Miller. I couldn’t even open a door with my right arm.

I’m glad I cam to Cardin & Miller because they were very professional with explaining my condition, kept me inofrmed with my progress and made the proper adjustments to my exercises to keep me comfortable as well as making sure it didn’t affect the progress in making me 100%.

All of the staff was friendly, attentive to what the problem was and worked with me to get me back to where I needed to be with my right shoulder.

I was very pleased with the service they provided.

Walter K.

After herniating a disc in my back, I was sent to Cardin & Miller for therapy.

Over the next few months I workded with Alex to reduce my pain and improve my motion in my lower back.

[After several months], I had improved to almost 75% of my comfort and ability before my accident.

Now (continuing the exercises I was taught), I have almost no symptoms and I feel worlds better!

Matthew T.

I am so happy to have found Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy. They have provided me with incredible care and have been tremendously influential in my recovery from surgery. Being a professional ballerina, it is necessary that I receive the best care and treatment possible. I can confidently say that Cardin and Miller has provided me with exactly that. I will forever be grateful to all the physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy for helping me get back on my feet. I am dancing stronger than ever, thanks to their expertise.

Lauren O.

I am a diabetic and have had five back surgeries; they can no longer repair my back because I have spinal stenosis, osteoporosis and bulging disc from L1 through S2. I also have neuropathy in both feet and ankles.

When I came to Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, Amanda was assigned as my therapist. She taught me many exercises to strengthen my lower extremities. She taught me many exercises to help strengthen my upper body. She advised me to do these exercises twice a day as long as I am in physical therapy. I have done them faithfully for two months. Without her assistance, I would never have known how to strengthen my legs and learn to balance. Most of all, I have enjoyed what she has taught me.

I have the utmost respect for the entire staff and Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy. They are kind, courteous, efficient and respectful. I have improved immensely with their guidance.

Amanda gets a superior rating from me.

Kirk S.

When I came in for therapy I was in a lot of pain. I am leaving today with no pain. All of the therapists are patient and wonderful to work with. Cardin & Miller is number one in my book and I would recommend anybody to come here for physical therapy.

Lorraine H.

When I came in I had a bad back which I could not fix. As the weeks went by, I could feel a lot better and could do more work. Thank you for your help. I do feel a lot better now.

Harry J.

I had pain in my low back with pain going down one leg. In a short time, with therapy and traction, I went from having pain to being pain free.

When I would lie down, then try to change position, it was very difficult and I had tremendous pain. Sitting in a recliner was very uncomfortable, getting up and down from a chair was difficult and when I walked, I would walk with my hand on my hip.

Now everything has returned to normal. I can walk and move freely without concern. Cardin & Miller helped currently and in the past. I would use their services again.

Carol R.