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On January 1, 2024, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy will be rebranding to "ACCESS PT"!

We built this practice by creating relationships with clients like you, & our commitment to serving our clients remains our top priority. As ACCESS PT, we have joined together with other family-owned PT businesses to be able to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

We are proud and excited to partner with people who share our vision, values & passion for creating great client experiences in physical therapy.

Covid-19 Update: We're still open and here for you!
We are busier than ever, so please call right away to schedule your appointment. We can't wait to help you!

Your #1 Source for Physical Therapy Services in Mechanicsburg

We Will Ease Your Pain So You Can Get Back to Moving and Feeling Your Best.

A Natural Solution for Body Pain

How often have you went to the doctor in search of quick pain relief, only to be handed medication with far from positive side effects?

Using pain medication rarely ever solves the problem. It only masks your aches and pains with a temporary solution. At Cardin & Miller, we prefer to use customized treatments that specifically target the pain you’re suffering from.

Why don’t you give us a call and let us tell you more about our specialist services?

You can reach us at 717-229-0373

We Treat a Variety of Conditions in Mechanicsburg

We’re all unique. Each and every person has their own problem areas that cause discomfort during daily activities, this becomes more prevalent as we get older.

Rather than treat you as a number, we really take the time to sit with you and learn about your pain and what’s causing your trouble. Regardless of whether you are a keen runner, or remain chained to your desk all day, we will find a natural solution by working together. Nothing is going to slow you down!

Services that we offer in Mechanicsburg include:

  • Physical therapy

  • Back pain treatment

  • Knee pain relief

  • Shoulder pain relief

  • Custom foot orthotics

  • Treatment for plantar fasciitis

Why Choose Cardin & Miller?

Pain can make everyday tasks feel nearly impossible. Going to work, doing chores, or even taking part in family activities isn’t an option should pain continue to have a hold on your life. 

Our physical therapy office focuses on identifying the source and easing your pain naturally. Our philosophy is that pain typically stems from old injuries, or from our posture and the way we sit or move. Why would we treat something like that with pills?

We want to tackle the source of pain and eliminate it. Masking pain doesn’t solve the problem.

Get Back to the Active Life You Love Without Surgery, Pills or Injections

Has a doctor told you that your pain is something you are stuck with? We’re here to tell you don’t need to live with it. There is another way. Everyone deserves to live a full and happy life, so we’ll tackle the pain that’s stopping you from feeling good. 

If you’re ready to see a physical therapist in Mechanicsburg, PA, give us a call to set up an appointment!

You can reach us at 717-229-0373

Mechanicsburg Clinic


Mechanicsburg Clinic


Mechanicsburg Clinic



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Mechanicsburg Clinic


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Parking is available in the front of the building. We are on the 1st floor of the building below Urban Engineers; first suite on the left as you enter the building.

Mechanicsburg Clinic
Mechanicsburg Clinic
Mechanicsburg Clinic
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