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Your First Visit

You've never been to physical therapy before. Some questions you may have:

What to expect on your first visit

Your first visit with last about 1 hour for a full evaluation of your symptoms and how they are affecting you as an individual. A few things to be aware of for the first visit.

What to Wear:

Please wear shorts if you are coming for back or lower body pain, and a tank top if you are a female for neck or upper body pain. As movement specialists, it is difficult for us to proper assess your movement if we can’t see it happening.

What to Bring:
  • Insurance card
  • Photo Identification
  • Paperwork if you filled it out prior to your appointment. If not please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment to fill out some initial paperwork
  • Prescription from your physician if you are being referred

Be ready to answer lots of questions! You and your therapist will set a plan moving forward after the first visit, and commonly needed follow up appointments can last 45-60 minutes. Follow up visits will be with a qualified physical therapist. Additionally, some of your treatment time may be spent with our skilled support staff.

These questions and more, are answered in the video below. Turn up your speakers.

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