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Inner Circle Membership

Cardin & Miller’s Inner Circle is an EXCLUSIVE Membership that gives you CONTROL over your own recovery, PREMIUM access to YOUR Physical Therapist and V.I.P. Perks

Click play to hear what Cardin & Miller owner, Steve Miller has to say about our Inner Circle Membership!

As a Member of our Inner Circle, We focus on YOU. We Focus on Your Ability to Choose! 

  • Choose YOUR Physical Therapist. 
  • Choose your path back to recovery (together with your therapist)
  • How often and how long you receive treatment.
  • Choose which Inner Circle Membership plan is the right fit for you!

Cardin & Miller’s Inner Circle Membership allows us to give you even more (1 full hour every session) of our undivided attention without insurance visit and time limitations. (Traditional Physical Therapy sessions afford 30 minutes or less of one-on-one time with each patient.) 

It may not be common knowledge but recently insurance companies are making it harder and harder for patients to come to Physical Therapy. They are limiting the length and number of visits that our patients need to fully recover from their injuries and return to the things they need, want, and love to do. 

Also, currently dwindling insurance reimbursements for our services dictate how long and how often we can see each client. 

Thus… The Cardin & Miller Inner Circle Membership was born! 

Besides getting to see YOUR Physical Therapist, one on one, for a FULL hour, every visit, you will also receive some awesome perks! 

We have 3 levels of our Inner Circle Membership for you to choose from! 

Some of the perks you Can receive are:

  • Free running/ walking shoes from Appalachian Running Company
  • Free Custom foot orthotics
  • Additional PT visits added to your package (that you can transfer to friends & family if you want!)
  • Priority scheduling
  • 2 weeks of free personal training at our wellness gym – The Medgym
  • Email access to YOUR Physical Therapist and more….

Or call 717-229-0199 and ask to speak to our very own Inner Circle Specialist - Alli Lunde! 

You can also email for more info!

Don’t wait!

Because of the high level of time, quality and service we provide with these memberships, we can only offer 10 Inner Circle Memberships in each of our offices. (10 in Carlisle, 10 in Mechanicsburg, 10 in Harrisburg)!!

**Special Offer**

Anyone who signs up to be an Inner Circle Member will be entered to win a $100 gift card!

Call Now for more information: 717-229-0199

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