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On January 1, 2024, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy will be rebranding to "ACCESS PT"!

We built this practice by creating relationships with clients like you, & our commitment to serving our clients remains our top priority. As ACCESS PT, we have joined together with other family-owned PT businesses to be able to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

We are proud and excited to partner with people who share our vision, values & passion for creating great client experiences in physical therapy.

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FAQ's About Physical Therapy

What insurances are accepted?

Molly Leary

Molly says:

“Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy participates with many different Insurance plans.  Call Us Today and we can check your specific insurance benefits and discuss them with you by answering any and all questions you have about how your plan covers Physical Therapy services.

Do you offer any Self Pay options?

Steve Miller

Steve says:

“Many patients elect to pay out of pocket for our service when they experience the value that we provide in helping them to get back to living life the way they want.  If you don’t currently have health insurance, have a high deductible or co-insurance, it may make more sense for you to utilize our self-pay option.  Under this option, you are not restricted by the confines of insurance companies as far as when you are seen and how many visits you are seen for.”

Who are we?

Brian Cardin

Brian says:

“We specialize in helping people regain their mobility, strength and independence so that they can return to doing the things they need, want and love to do in order to enjoy life with friends and family.”

What is a Free Screen?

Amanda Flanagan

Amanda says 

“Our FREE Screen Sessions are designed for people who want to get help for a particular problem – like back, neck, shoulder, or foot pain and more – but they aren’t completely sure what physical therapy even is, what their options are or if we are a good fit for them.  Our Free Screen Sessions take care of this for you.  It’s a chance for you to come meet us, get all your questions answered, and decide if we are your best option.  It’s a no pressure, no obligation appointment with one of our expert Physical Therapists.  There’s no prescription or referral required.  If you would like to discover what is causing your problem BEFORE you invest any more of your time or money on treatments that aren’t working, request a Free Screen NOW.”

What should I wear?

Alexander Garlick

Alex G. says: 

“You should wear comfortable clothes that allow easy access to the area we are treating. i.e. Shorts for lower body pain. It would best to wear clothes that are not restricting and allow full range of motion and movement to make things most comfortable.”

How long does my appointment last?


Lauryn says:

“Your first appointment is your initial evaluation; you will spend 1 hour with one of our Physical Therapists. The Therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to best suit your specific needs.

The following appointments generally range between 45 – 60 minutes.”

What if I book an appointment today, then before I get to you, there’s a positive change in my condition and I feel I don’t need to come see you anymore?

Shawn VanderBrook

Shawn says:

 “You may still have deficits that could cause this problem to come back. You should still come in to be assessed.

Isn’t physical therapy just for younger people who are injured and who play loads of sports?

Josh Burrier

Josh says:

“Absolutely NOT. Physical therapy can help individuals of all ages and activity levels. Within our clinics, our most common patients are people just like you who just want to get back to their normal lives without pain. But on top of that we also treat recreational and competitive athletes.”

How long will it take for the physical therapy to settle my pain?

Miranda Bednar

Miranda says:

“There are multiple factors that can cause and influence pain which can be different for everyone. Our individual assessments help us to focus your plan for you. We look to kick start healing and pain relief on Day 1! As always, the sooner the pain is addressed, the faster it will go away!”

How often will I need treatment?


Jerry Says:

“That can vary by case but typically twice a week. Our goal is to get you back to being pain free and fully active as safely and quickly as possible. Once you get in with the Physical Therapist you will have a better idea of time frame needed.”

Does physical therapy help someone like me?


Melissa says:

“As Physical Therapists, we specialize in helping people get back to living their life the way they did before injury and / or pain interrupted it. If you are noticing that your pain or injury is uncomfortable or painful enough that it is causing you to lose your mobility, your independence, or just keeping you from doing what you love with your friends and family, then physical therapy CAN and WILL help you.”

How long will it take for physical therapy to get me active again?

Zach Green

Zach says:

“This can vary significantly person to person, based on what is going on and how long you have been having symptoms for. However our main priority is to get you back to your activity as quickly and safely as possible. Sometimes this may be returning to activity with some modifications, but we would always rather see you returning to activity, that way we can better judge how well your symptoms are really improving.”

What’s the difference between a good physical therapist and a bad one?

Derrick Reed

Derrick says:

“A good Physical Therapist actively listens to you and is able to develop a treatment plan that is custom fit to your specific needs. A good Physical Therapist will spend adequate time with you to figure out how to address and resolve the actual cause of your problem instead of just treating the symptoms of your problem with pills, shots, or surgery. The focus needs to be on getting you back to doing what you could before pain or injury interrupted you!”

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