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Developmental Pediatric Physical Therapy

Every one of us wants the absolute best for our children! When a parent hears that their child has a developmental issue, it can create a significant amount of anxiety. Parents often feel overwhelmed or under-equipped in how to deal with it. Concern for the child is intense in and of itself; navigating the healthcare system with children can range from frustrating to flat-out scary. Our physical therapists can be an excellent resource for parents dealing with these issues.

It is a common misconception that Physical Therapy is only for athletes or adults with pain.

Children often require & can benefit from Physical Therapy intervention for a variety of reasons! Early evaluation and treatment for most conditions is KEY for the best recovery!

Some common issues that Pediatric Physical Therapy can help with include:

  • Gross Motor Delay (Not meeting age appropriate milestones)
  • Abnormal walking patterns (Ex. Toe walking, excessive flat feet, “pigeon-toed”)
  • Torticollis (“wry neck”) or irregular head shape in infants
  • Impaired function related to congenital or genetic disabilities.

At Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy, an experienced Pediatric Physical Therapist will develop a treatment plan aimed specifically at each child’s needs. Often times, a well-designed plan will look and feel like play to your child in order to keep them engaged. These activities are intentionally designed to work towards specific goals for your child! TREATMENT IS NOT PAINFUL FOR YOUR CHILD! In fact, most children love coming to Physical Therapy because they aren’t even aware that they are working. To them, it often appears to be ‘Play Time’.

As a parent the most important thing to know is that YOU AND YOUR CHILD ARE NOT ALONE!

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

Why do my child’s feet roll in? Why can’t my baby hold her head straight? Is it normal for my child to complain about pain during activity? Why does my child have trouble keeping up with his/her peers? Is my child behind developmentally? For answers to these and many other developmental or injury-related questions, Physical Therapy is likely a great place to start.

If you are concerned about a condition with your child but are unsure of what options are out there, or what to commit to, give us a call. Our One-on-One Free Screen is something that is offered to parents just like you! We created our One-on-One Free Screen to provide an option for people to get questions answered before making a “Big commitment”. If you’ve got questions or concerns, consider a One-on- One Free Screen with one of our expert Pediatric Physical Therapists to see what options we may have for you.… without any risk or cost on your part.

We offer Pediatric Physical Therapy in our Carlisle and Mechanicsburg offices. We can help you help your child to live to the best of their abilities – sign up now for one of our One-on-One Free Screens! It’s completely risk-free, with no obligations.

We are passionate about helping people get back to what they need, want, and love to do. This is true for our young and older clients alike! Each child is different, but we relish the opportunity to have a small part in helping each child be the best version of themselves.

Here are just a couple of things We Can Do For You And Your Child:

  • We can help you find answers to what is happening with your child.
  • We can help you develop a plan to address your child’s specific physical needs.
  • We can keep your child from having unresolved development issues that can result in a future of pain and limited success.
  • We will help empower families with options to remain independent and well.
  • We can help to get your child back on the field running and playing with their friends.
  • We can help to limit trips to the doctor for issues that are best treated with active intervention & provide long-term solutions.
  • We can help limit the possibility of future issues in children that may result in hindering them from fully appreciating the joys of life.

If you're curious about cost or the availability of our Pediatric Physical Therapy services, just click below and fill out the short form.

“Hear From Happy Patients of Cardin & Miller”

Please enjoy watching stories of other people just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Cardin & Miller - and left much healthier and happier:


Gary M.

Age 56, Carlisle

"Steve was a very compassion filled and caring healthcare provider. The relationship aspect between the provider and patient was just outstanding. Something that you don't always see in the healthcare world today, and they were just a phenomenal group of people."


Dave H.

Age 39, Carlisle

"After 12 weeks, I was back to living completely pain-free, playing with my kids, carrying an extra bag of groceries for my wife, and doing all the things I should do in my mid thirties. At this point, it was one of the best decisions I ever made"


Kathleen B.

Age 51, Carlisle

"I've nothing but positive things to say about Cardin and Miller. I have no pain in this shoulder whatsoever and I have full range of motion. And that was one of the most important things for me - was to know that I could then again always have use of this shoulder and strengthen this shoulder."

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