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Custom Foot Orthotics

Your Solution for Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain (Can even help with Knee, Hip, and Back Pain!)

Are you looking for a way to put an end to Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain without having dangerous surgery, taking handfuls of pain killers or waiting weeks for a Doctor’s appointment only to be seen for less than five minutes?

If you’re suffering with Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain it’s easy to put it off and blissfully hope the pain will just go away on it’s own. You may just think you stepped wrong yesterday, or wore the wrong pair of shoes. Or worse, maybe you just assume it’s your age and this is just how you have to live your life now. 

Does that sound like something you’ve thought, or casually mentioned to a friend?

Well know this YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain is a very VERY common ailment that we treat here at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy. So common in fact, that we went out and found the best technically advanced solution to combat the Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain pandemic: Custom Foot Orthotics.

So now you may be wondering…What are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom Foot Orthotics are devices that fit into your shoe (under your feet) that support the arch of your foot and distribute pressure evenly across the Foot. This even distribution of pressure removes pain and pressure from the Heel, Arch, balls of the Feet and Ankles. Custom Foot Orthotics work to align your feet and promote proper walking mechanics, which can relieve pain in your Knees, Hips or lower Back.

Are YOU a Candidate for Custom Foot Orthotics?

  • Do you have flat Feet, high Arches, Heel / Arch pain that is worst when you get out of bed in the morning or after getting up from sitting an extended period of time?? ---- You ARE a candidate.
  • Is your Foot/ Ankle pain causing you to limp when you walk or keeping you from walking/ running for exercise or keeping up with friends and family?? --- You ARE a candidate.
  • If you have pain at the “balls of your feet” and/ or numbness in your Toes, then --- You ARE a candidate for Custom Foot orthotics.

So Does Everyone With Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain Need Custom Foot Orthotics?

The answer to this is NO…We determine who needs or does not need Custom Foot Orthotics by performing a thorough 1 hour Physical Therapy Evaluation on each client to check their foot alignment in standing, walking, and running. If we see there is a need, we also check our client’s range of motion and strength as well as walking mechanics. All of these things tell us whether the client is in need of custom orthotics or not.

Orthotics Are Not Magic!

They can be, (and ARE), very effective in reducing and resolving Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain. However, if we don’t address and reduce the soft tissue tightness, irritation, inflammation, and pain first, then you can place the best Orthotic in the world in your shoe and your Foot/ Ankle pain will remain.

Are you thinking: ‘So now what?’

Good news! Custom Foot Orthotics used in conjunction with Physical Therapy to restore range of motion, strength, and resolve soft tissue tightness, and irritation – IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to resolve your pain and get you back to the things you need, want, and love to do with friends and family!!

As I mentioned before, we found the most technically advanced solution to combat your Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain, but you may be wondering how do we do it?

We use a technologically advanced system to make 3D Custom Foot Orthotics. We take readings of your feet by using a foot scanner, which uses a pressure-mapping sensor as you stand on it, and then walk across. This pressure-mapping sensor sends information back to a computer that develops a file containing the perfect Custom Foot Orthotic for your specific foot type. Then this file containing the perfect Orthotic for you is sent to a lab that uses highly precise 3D printing technology to develop a set of orthotics made just for you!!

Maybe you’ve tried Custom Orthotics made by a Podiatrist but you couldn’t use them because they hurt your Feet? Unfortunately, this is something we’ve heard all to often... 

We’ve found that there are several reasons for this:

  • The most common reason that this occurs is because the client did not have Physical Therapy first before wearing the orthotics in order to reduce or resolve the soft tissue tightness, irritation and inflammation
  • The Orthotic that was made was too rigid (too hard) and the person’s foot could not tolerate that amount of rigidity

Perhaps you figured that Orthotics were your best bet of a solution and you purchased a set over the counter somewhere, but they didn’t work well, or they only helped for a short while. So, you’re wondering why would a pair of Custom Orthotics be any different. If this is your problem it’s not necessarily that you haven’t tried the right shoe or Orthotic, it’s that the soft tissues and structures of your Foot are too irritated and inflamed. Until you resolve the soft tissue tightness, irritation and inflammation, the pain will continue no matter what shoe or Orthotic you wear. You also have to take into consideration that Over-The-Counter Foot Orthotics are not custom made for your specific foot type, which is why they often do not work.

Does any of this sound like you? Did this answer any of your questions?

Maybe you have some more questions or are curious to know if Custom Foot Orthotics are the next right step for you. Let’s get you some more information about how Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy (locations in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and Harrisburg) can help you know whether or not Custom Foot Orthotics are RIGHT for you.

We are offering a Completely Free, No-Obligation visit any one of our clinics.

Our One on One FREE SCREEN is something we offer for people who aren’t sure what they think about physical therapy and Custom Foot Orthotics or are nervous about the commitment. Also, they might be unfamiliar with the benefits of physical therapy and Custom Foot Orthotics. If that sounds like you, let’s start with a FREE SCREEN, so that we can figure out what’s wrong and what can be done to help! … RISK-FREE.

The next question is:

“How Can Making The Choice To See a Physical Therapist at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid Of Your Foot Pain – In The Next Couple Of Days?”.

Here are couple of things our team at Cardin & Miller can do for you:

  • We can help figure out what’s really going on with your Foot and get to the root of what’s causing the Foot pain once and for all.
  • We can help you determine if Custom Foot Orthotics are right for you.
  • We can quickly get rid of your stiffness and pain – usually after just a couple of visits.
  • We will make sure that your Foot problem is healed properly, correctly, AND give you a set of exercises perfectly designed for to your injury that will speed up the process of your recovery.
  • Pain can steal your energy and keep you from a restful night’s sleep – we can help you get back to sleeping peacefully and living with more energy EVERYDAY!
  • We can help get rid of the need for those addictive painkillers.
  • We can help you avoid dangerous Foot surgery – and painful injections
  • We can help keep you out of your Doctor’s waiting room.
  • We can get you back to enjoying what you need / want/ love to do! Especially spending time with your friends and family.
  • We can help you improve your ability to walk more and be more active, pain-free.

Basically, we can GET YOU BACK to living a life free from Heel/Arch/ Foot Pain!

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“Hear From Happy Patients of Cardin & Miller”

Please enjoy watching stories of other people with Foot pain just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Cardin & Miller - and left much healthier and happier:


Gary M.

Age 56, Carlisle

"Steve was a very compassion filled and caring healthcare provider. The relationship aspect between the provider and patient was just outstanding. Something that you don't always see in the healthcare world today, and they were just a phenomenal group of people."



"I have movement in the shoulder. The ankle is not an issue, and my knee is much better. I am able to move and do things that I was used to doing. My experience here at Cardin & Miller was worth more than my time and effort. It was very beneficial to me."


Melissa B.

Age 62, Carlisle

"I just thank you for picking up the phone and allowing me to immediately go from the doctor's office straight to your office, because I didn't lose a minute in starting my physical therapy. I gained strength and was able to do things that I had not been able to."

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