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Our Core Values

Over our 17 years in business, we have identified core values that are the cornerstone on which our entire company is built. These Core Values are the guiding principles for everything we do within our company. They define our culture, and who we are as people. We measure our success by how well these values demonstrated in every aspect of our business.

  • We Value Personal Growth – From Clinician to Front Desk Staff we are always stiving to improve ourselves. We are not content to “settle” for how it’s always been done or the status quo. We do not fear change or growth. We are always learning and understand that the development of ourselves leads to a better service for all.
  • Set Apart- We refuse to settle for “normal” or “good enough” standards in the things we do. We are consistent, thorough and we listen to what our clients want. There is never a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to treating our patients. We know that the key to a successful recovery is connecting with people on a level that is unique in our field. Relationships matter here.
  • Get the Job Done- We finish what we start here. We know and believe that we must go the extra mile in all that we do. The best things in life come from hard work and we refuse to sit on the sidelines. We are a team of doers.
  • Others First- We take the time to make sure that our patients know that we get them. We do all that is required to get people back to doing what they need, want & love to do. Every action we take is set with the intention of helping people. We are in the people business. We believe that every team member and patient is valuable, as a person. Cardin & Miller is a “Golden Rule Company”
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