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On January 1, 2024, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy will be rebranding to "ACCESS PT"!

We built this practice by creating relationships with clients like you, & our commitment to serving our clients remains our top priority. As ACCESS PT, we have joined together with other family-owned PT businesses to be able to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

We are proud and excited to partner with people who share our vision, values & passion for creating great client experiences in physical therapy.

Covid-19 Update: We're still open and here for you!
We are busier than ever, so please call right away to schedule your appointment. We can't wait to help you!

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Yet More Common Sports Injuries!

Yet More Common Sports Injuries!

As You May Have Experienced, Sports Can Hurt! Participating in any type of sport comes highly recommended by healthcare professionals as a way of keeping yourself healthy. To maintain a balanced lifestyle, playing sports brings a batch of social activity into life. It can also be good fun, too!  However, the other side of thatContinue Reading »

When Sport Bites Back: Common Sporting Injuries

When Sport Bites Back: Common Sporting Injuries

Sport Can Hurt! Participating in a sport comes highly recommended as a way of keeping yourself in shape, building muscle, and maintaining a healthy heart. Sports also brings a slice of social activity into our lives while being a great time too. However, the double-edged sword to all of these welcome gains is that physicalContinue Reading »

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