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About Us

Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy was founded by Brian Cardin, PT, C.Ped. and Steve Miller, PT, C.Ped. Brian and Steve both graduated from Findlay University’s Physical Therapy program and have been practicing outpatient physical therapy in Central Pennsylvania since 1994. Brian and Steve are both active members of their community and enjoy providing exceptional service and quality care for anyone seeking treatment and relief from pain.

At Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, we focus on providing each client with customized treatment strategies to correct the issues that are affecting them as individuals. We take pride in assisting each of our clients as they return to their pre-injury levels of activity; whether it is a return to daily activity or elite athletic performance.

We offer services which are unique to our area, physical therapy as well as pedorthics. We provide state of the art 3D imaging to create customized orthotics. Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy also provides diabetic shoes and inlays to people suffering from complications from diabetes.