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On January 1, 2024, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy will be rebranding to "ACCESS PT"!

We built this practice by creating relationships with clients like you, & our commitment to serving our clients remains our top priority. As ACCESS PT, we have joined together with other family-owned PT businesses to be able to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

We are proud and excited to partner with people who share our vision, values & passion for creating great client experiences in physical therapy.

Covid-19 Update: We're still open and here for you!
We are busier than ever, so please call right away to schedule your appointment. We can't wait to help you!

We Help People to Move Better, to Feel Better, and to Live Better Without the Need for Surgery, Pills, Injections, and Doctor’s Appointments!

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Let Us Help You Get Back to Doing What You Need, Want and Love to do!

Wondering if your pain issues are something Physical Therapy can help? Maybe you aren’t sure if we can help you get back to playing with your kids outside. Curious to see if we can help you get back into a gym regiment?

Have you been pondering the thoughts of never being able to do the things you need, want, or love to again pain-free?  Or perhaps you just want to know if we have appointment times available or are taking new patients?

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Still Don’t Know If Physical Therapy Is Right For You?

*Please note that there is no actual treatment during the Free Screen Sessions. It is simply for you to have the opportunity to ask us any questions and to decide if Cardin & Miller is the right fit for you!

About Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy

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Mechanicsburg Clinic

Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy was founded by Brian Cardin, PT, C.Ped. and Steve Miller, PT. C.Ped.

We focus on making sure each client is able to successfully do everything they need, want, and LOVE to do!


About Brian Cardin and Steve Miller

Brian Cardin

Brian Cardin

Owner PT, C.PED

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Owner PT, C.PED

Brian and Steve both graduated from Findlay University’s Physical Therapy program and have been practicing outpatient physical therapy in Central Pennsylvania since 1994. Brian and Steve are both active members of their community and enjoy providing exceptional service and quality of care for anyone seeking treatment and relief from pain.

At Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy, we focus on providing each client with customized treatment strategies to correct the issues that are affecting them as individuals. We take pride in assisting each of our clients as they return to their pre-injury levels of activities, whether it is a return to daily activity or elite athletic performance.

We offer services which are unique to our area: We provide state of the art 3D imaging to create customized Foot Orthotics. Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy also provides diabetic shoes and inlays to people suffering from complications from diabetes.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Cardin & Miller


Gary M.

Age 56, Carlisle

"Steve was a very compassion filled and caring healthcare provider. The relationship aspect between the provider and patient was just outstanding. Something that you don't always see in the healthcare world today, and they were just a phenomenal group of people."


Dave H.

Age 39, Carlisle

"After 12 weeks, I was back to living completely pain-free, playing with my kids, carrying an extra bag of groceries for my wife, and doing all the things I should do in my mid thirties. At this point, it was one of the best decisions I ever made"


Kathleen B.

Age 51, Carlisle

"I've nothing but positive things to say about Cardin and Miller. I have no pain in this shoulder whatsoever and I have full range of motion. And that was one of the most important things for me - was to know that I could then again always have use of this shoulder and strengthen this shoulder."

Where Does It Hurt?

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 Our Promise To You

We promise to listen to the issues you are having and how they are affecting your life. We will clearly explain why you are having these issues and how we will help you resolve them so you can Get Back to Living Life!

IF at the end of your Initial Evaluation, you don’t feel we’ve fulfilled our promise to you, there will be no charge to you or your insurance company

*** Our Guarantee Applies Specifically to Your Initial Evaluation (first appointment with your Physical Therapist). If you do not feel we fulfilled our promise to you, you must let your evaluating therapist know BEFORE you leave our office in order to avoid charges to you or your insurance company

*** Once Your Initial Evaluation is complete and you have started into a plan of care, all visits will be billed to you or your insurance company depending on your individual insurance benefits

*** If you have an issue or concern about any appointments after your initial evaluation, please discuss your concerns with your evaluating therapist and they will work to resolve any concerns

*** Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to you and to help you get back to doing what you need, want and love to do. We want to be YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPIST for life - we are just an email or phone call away any time you need us!

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