I am so happy to have found Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy. They have provided me with incredible care and have been tremendously influential in my recovery from surgery. Being a professional ballerina, it is necessary that I receive the best care and treatment possible. I can confidently say that Cardin and Miller has provided me with exactly that. I will forever be grateful to all the physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy for helping me get back on my feet. I am dancing stronger than ever, thanks to their expertise.

Lauren O.

I am a diabetic and have had five back surgeries; they can no longer repair my back because I have spinal stenosis, osteoporosis and bulging disc from L1 through S2. I also have neuropathy in both feet and ankles.

When I came to Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, Amanda was assigned as my therapist. She taught me many exercises to strengthen my lower extremities. She taught me many exercises to help strengthen my upper body. She advised me to do these exercises twice a day as long as I am in physical therapy. I have done them faithfully for two months. Without her assistance, I would never have known how to strengthen my legs and learn to balance. Most of all, I have enjoyed what she has taught me.

I have the utmost respect for the entire staff and Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy. They are kind, courteous, efficient and respectful. I have improved immensely with their guidance.

Amanda gets a superior rating from me.

Kirk S.

When I came in for therapy I was in a lot of pain. I am leaving today with no pain. All of the therapists are patient and wonderful to work with. Cardin & Miller is number one in my book and I would recommend anybody to come here for physical therapy.

Lorraine H.

When I came in I had a bad back which I could not fix. As the weeks went by, I could feel a lot better and could do more work. Thank you for your help. I do feel a lot better now.

Harry J.

As a local practicing physician, I have become very accustomed to hearing success stories from my patients whom I have referred to Cardin & Miller. I am very happy to write my own success story now that I myself have completed P.T. as one of Steve Miller's patients.

Steve's understanding of anatomy and biomechanics is excellent. He is one of the most skilled clinicians I've ever encountered professionally. He was able to pinpoint my acute injuries and identify chronic injuries and habits which lead to injury. This pattern is very typical of Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy; they seek to identify and correct causes of injury, not just treat acute events.

I could not be more pleased with my results. I will continue to recommend Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy. They have my highest possible recommendation.

Scott S., M.D.

I had pain in my low back with pain going down one leg. In a short time, with therapy and traction, I went from having pain to being pain free.

When I would lie down, then try to change position, it was very difficult and I had tremendous pain. Sitting in a recliner was very uncomfortable, getting up and down from a chair was difficult and when I walked, I would walk with my hand on my hip.

Now everything has returned to normal. I can walk and move freely without concern. Cardin & Miller helped currently and in the past. I would use their services again.

Carol R.

Move Better.   Feel Better.   Live Better.