Christina Corrin BA, LMT

Massage therapy works on the body’s soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) to relieve strained muscles and stressed individuals. Our massage therapist develops her treatment plans based on each client’s health history and, therefore, provides a mix of full body and injury specific massages. When a patient receives both physical therapy and massage therapy at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, the massage therapist works in conjunction with the physical therapy team, consulting the physical therapist before and after the session.

Christina Corrin BA, LMT
Graduate from Harrisburg Area Community College’s Massage Therapy program (2013), Christina is licensed as a massage therapist in the state of PA and is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). As a massage therapist Christina considers herself a 21st century steward of an ancient art and science. She has seen—through both experience and research – that massage is an excellent way to relax, whether from work or personal stress. In addition, her family’s experiences with cancer, surgeries and other debilitating conditions gives Christina a special interest in using massage therapy to help the body heal. Christina received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Grove City College in 2008; for several years she then taught middle and high school students how to write before going back to school for massage therapy. Whether through Swedish massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Myofascial or Hot Stones, Christina desires to use her experience to aid clients in resting and healing.

  • Classic Swedish Relaxation Massage$65 / 60 mins

This full-body massage is used to calm your “fight and flight” response with a medium-depth, 60-minute treatment. This is excellent for increasing your circulation and lymph movement, as well as, soothing over-tense muscles.

  • Deep Tissue Massage$65 / 60 mins

This type of massage combines Swedish and Myofascial release techniques. This technique focuses in on specific areas of pain or discomfort and combines therapist pressure with client feedback to bring relief to tight areas.

  • Hot Stone Massage$95 / 90 mins

Hot stones added to a traditional Swedish massage gives a client a deeper treatment that feels more relaxing. Hot stones allow for increased blood flow to the treated areas and, therefore, cause tight muscles to release more quickly.

  • Relaxation Reflexology$65 / 60 mins

These reflexology sessions focus solely on massaging the foot with the goal of relaxing the whole body. Because of the care given to each area of the foot, this type of massage is an excellent way to care for the feet–a key but often neglected area of the body.

  • Chair Massage$1.00 / min

A quick way to introduce yourself to massage or squeeze massage into a busy schedule, chair massages traditionally lasting from 10-25 minutes. Chair massages provide short bursts of relaxation and can focus on your back, head, neck and arms.

  • Aromatherapyadd $5.00 to session

Adding pure essential oils to your massage adds a nourishing dimension to your experience. Depending on your choice in oils, these scents can help lift your spirit, ease your tensions, or sharpen your thinking as well as sooth your skin and muscles.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Christina Corrin, LMT at

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